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KB4Rec: A Data Set for Linking Knowledge Bases with Recommender Systems
Authors: Wayne Xin Zhao, Gaole He, Kunlin Yang et al.
Institution:Renmin University of China
Keywords:Knowledge-aware recommendation;Recommender system;Knowledge base
Issue 1, 2018 | PDF

Published: Dec. 19, 2018
Abstract: To develop a knowledge-aware recommender system, a key issue is how to obtain rich and structured knowledge base (KB) information for recommender system (RS) items. Existing data sets or methods ei...
Identifying User Profile by Incorporating Self-Attention Mechanism based on CSDN Data Set
Authors: Junru Lu, Le Chen, Kongming Meng et al.
Institution:University of International Relations
Keywords:User profile;Convolutional neural network (CNN);Self-attention;Keyword extraction
Issue 1, 2018 | PDF

Abstract: With the popularity of social media, there has been an increasing interest in user profiling and its applications nowadays. This paper presents our system named UIR-SIST for User Profiling Technolo...
MDKB-Bot: A Practical Framework for Multi-Domain Task-Oriented Dialogue System
Authors: Yadi Lao, Weijie Liu, Sheng Gao et al.
Institution:Pattern Recognition and Intelligence System Lab, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Keywords:Dialogue system;Knowledge base;Natural language understanding;Slot filling;Natural language generation
Issue 1: 11, 2018 | PDF

Abstract: One of the major challenges to build a task-oriented dialogue system is that dialogue state transition frequently happens between multiple domains such as booking hotels or restaurants. Recently, t...
User Profiling for CSDN: Keyphrase Extraction, User Tagging and User Growth Value Prediction
Authors: Guoliang Xing, Hao Gao, Qi Cao et al.
Institution:Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Keywords:User profiling; Keyphrase extraction; User tagging; Growth value prediction; Word embedding
Issue 1, 2018 | PDF

Abstract: The Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN) is one of the largest information technology communities and service platforms in China. This paper describes the user profiling for CSDN, an evaluatio...
XLORE2: Large-scale Cross-lingual Knowledge Graph Construction and Application
Authors: Hailong Jin, Chengjiang Li, Jing Zhang et al.
Institution:Tsinghua University
Keywords:Knowledge base completion;Knowledge linking;Property matching;Taxonomy alignment;Type inference;Entity linking
Issue 1: 77-98, 2018 | PDF

Abstract: Knowledge bases (KBs) are often greatly incomplete, necessitating a demand for KB completion. Although XLORE is an English-Chinese bilingual knowledge graph, there are only 423,974 cross-lingual li...