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Fenghong Liu is an associate professor of the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC). She received her Ph. D degree from Institute of Botany, CAS (IBCAS). Before joined in NSLC as “outstanding talent” in 2015, she had been the head of the library of IBCAS for four years. She is currently the managing editor of Data Intelligence (DI).

Selected Publications:

  • Fenghong Liu, Jian Liu and Ming Dong. Ecological Consequences of clonal integration in plants. Frontiers in Plant Science. 2016. 7: 770.
  • Fenghong Liu, Tian Zhang. An emerging type of scholarly article in the Open Science background: Research elements publishing. Chinese Journal of Scientific and Technical Periodicals. 2017. 28: 138-144.
  • Fenghong Liu, Feihai Yu, Wensheng Liu, Bertil O. Krüsi, Xiaohu Cai, Jakob J. Schneller and Ming Dong. Large clones on cliff faces: Expanding by Rrizomes through crevices. Annals of Botany. 2007. 100: 51-54.


E-mail: liufh@mail.las.ac.cn; data@mail.las.ac.cn