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Research Data Management Implementation at Peking University Library: Forster and Promote Open Science and Open Data
: 2020 - 09 - 29
: 2020 - 12 - 14
: 2020 - 12 - 22
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Research Data Management (RDM) has become increasingly important for more and more academic institutions. Using the Peking University Open Research Data Repository (PKU-ORDR) project as an example, this paper will review a library-based university-wide open research data repository project and related RDM services implementation process including project kickoff, needs assessment, partnerships establishment, software investigation and selection, software customization, as well as data curation services and training. Through the review, some issues revealed during the stages of the implementation process are also discussed and addressed in the paper such as awareness of research data, demands from data providers and users, data policies and requirements from home institution, requirements from funding agencies and publishers, the collaboration between administrative units and libraries, and concerns from data providers and users. The significance of the study is that the paper shows an example of creating an open data repository and RDM services for other Chinese academic libraries planning to implement their RDM services for their home institutions. The authors of the paper have also observed since the PKU-ORDR and RDM services implemented in 2015, the Peking University Library (PKUL) has helped numerous researchers to support the entire research lifecycle and enhanced open science on campus, as well as impacted the national open science movement in China through various national events and activities hosted by the PKUL.
Keywords: Research data management implementation; Open Science; Open Data; Research life cycle; Data sharing and reuse
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Nie, H., Luo, P.C., Fu, P.: Research data management implementation at Peking University Library: Foster and promote Open Science and Open Data. Data Intelligence 3(1), 189-204 (2021). doi: 10.1162/dint_a_00088
Hua Nie
All authors wrote and revised the manuscript and made substantial contributions to the design of this paper. H. Nie directed the overall planning and mainly contributed to the framework design of the article, Introduction, RDM Implementation especially with a focus on “Kick-Off and Needs Assessment” and “The Establishment of the Collaborative Model”, and the Conclusions.
Hua Nie is Professor of Library Services at Peking University Library, China. Her research interests fall into the areas of open access, scholarly communication, digital humanities, and library marketing.
Pengcheng Luo
All authors wrote and revised the manuscript and made substantial contributions to the design of this paper. P.C. Luo mainly contributed to the RDM Implementation especially with a focus on “The Establishment of the Open Research Data Repository” and “Usage, Data Curation, Skills Training and Services Promotion”.
Pengcheng Luo is Data Librarian at Peking University Library, China. His research interests include data management and open data.
Ping Fu
All authors wrote and revised the manuscript and made substantial contributions to the design of this paper. P. Fu mainly contributed to the Related Works, partly contributed to the Introduction and Conclusions, co-contributed to the layout, composition, and writing of the paper, and co-contributed to the utilization of sources.
Ping Fu is Professor of Library Services and Science & Data Management Librarian at Central Washington University, USA. His research interests include integrated library systems, scholarly communication, and research data management.
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