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Developing Open RDI and Education in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: Open Science and Research has reached mixed maturity levels in Finland. The meaning of the national project in the ecosystem of Finnish universities of applied sciences (UAS) is to enhance and elaborate Open Science and Open Education activities. Future actions were defined based on a survey and interviews carried out in the Finnish UAS sector during 2018 and 2019. The aim of both data collections was to evaluate the current status and attitudes towards Open RDI among staff members. Another purpose was to define the need for internal support services concerning Open RDI and Open Education and to identify knowledge gaps. The results revealed several gaps in understanding Open Science and Open Education initiatives. Real-life actions were mostly vague, and the respondents experienced the need for support. On the other hand, the attitudes towards Open RDI were positive, and the issue aroused questions and reflections. This study revealed gaps in knowledge and actions in Finnish UAS sectors. These results have been the basis of development actions such as joint workshops, educational webinars, and common instructions. The future plan includes the establishment of an experts’ network for supporting Open RDI and Education.
Keywords: Open RDI; Open education; Open science expertise; Online survey; Interview; Knowledge gap; University of applied sciences
This article is based on the work done in the “Open RDI, learning, and the innovation ecosystem of Finnish UAS” project. The project has been co-funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.
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Kärki, A., et al.: Developing open RDI and education in Finnish universities of applied sciences. Data Intelligence 3(1), 162-175 (2021). doi: 10.1162/dint_a_00066
Anne Kärki
A. Kärki is the corresponding author and was responsible for building the framework of the article.
Anne Kärki, PhD (Health Sciences), works as Principal Lecturer and Researcher at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Finland. She is acting as the coordinator of the Open Science and Open Education Working Group at her home university. Mrs. Kärki has been developing Open Science practices and Recommendations on Open Education on both organizational and national levels.
Seliina Päällysaho
S. Päällysaho participated in gathering and analyzing the data and contributed to the writing and revising of the manuscript.
Seliina Päällysaho, PhD (Biology), is Research Manager at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Seliina is experienced in developing and enhancing Open Science practices in the higher education sector for more than five years. At the moment, she is leading a project called “Developing open RDI, learning and innovation ecosystem at the universities of applied sciences” at the national level. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.
Kaisa Jaalama
K. Jaalama was responsible for the coordination and management of the online survey and the investigation of the Likert-scale questions.
Kaisa Jaalama, doctoral candidate (M.Sc.) at Aalto University, Finland. She is interested in promoting open and sustainable RDI practices while exploring user experiences and application of photorealistic 3D environments in urban development.
Juhani Talvela
J. Talvela analyzed the qualitative, open-ended questions from the survey results and produced a qualitative insight into the views, opinions, and considerations of the UAS respondents towards open RDI.
Juhani Talvela is an IPR expert in the Aalto University, Finland. He is an experienced entrepreneur and researcher with extensive experience from industry and academia. He is currently conducting his doctoral research at the LUT-university on technology management in small companies towards better utilization of intellectual property. Mr. Talvela holds several positions of trust such as the chairman of the board of the Foundation for Finnish Inventions.
Anttoni Lehto
A. Lehto added to the interpretation of the results and the overall logic of the article.
Anttoni Lehto works as Senior Advisor for Research, Development and Innovation at Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Acting as the leader of the Open Science Working Group at his home university, he has years of experience in developing Open Science practices and processes on both organizational and national levels.
Hannu Hyyppä
H. Hyyppä supervised the design and implementation of the online survey. All authors contributed to the manuscript writing and reviewed the final version of the article.
Hannu Hyyppä, D.Sc. (Civil Engineering), professor of measuring and modeling for the built environment at Aalto University, Finland. Research expertise include Open Science, technology management, 3D modeling, extended reality, geoinformatics, 3D virtuality in engineering, art and cultural applications..
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