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Abstract: This is the biography of all authors of the FAIR practice special issue.
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Barend Mons
Barend Mons is Professor of BioSemantics at the Human Genetics Department of Leiden UniversityMedical Center and founder of the BioSemantics group. He was elected CODATA President in2018. Next to his leading role in the research of the group, Barend plays a leading role in theinternational development of “data stewardship” for biomedical data. For instance, he was headof-node of ELIXIR-NL at the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (until 2015), is Integrator LifeSciences at the Netherlands eScience Center, and board member of the Leiden Center of DataScience. In 2014, Barend initiated the FAIR data initiative and in 2015, he was appointed Chair ofthe European Commission’s High Level Expert Group for the “European Open Science Cloud”,from which he retired by the end of 2016. Presently, Barend is co-leading the GO FAIR initiative,an initiative to kick start dvelopments towards the Internet of FAIR data and services, which willalso contribute to the implementation of components of the European Open Science Cloud. Thefocus of the contribution of the BioSemantics group is on developing an interoperability backbonefor biomedical applications in general and rare disease in particular.
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