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Social Data: CESSDA Best Practices
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Abstract & Keywords
Abstract: The European Commission report “Turning FAIR into reality” provides an index of 27 FAIR Action Plan recommendations. This index is used for a self-assessment on CESSDA, the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives. CESSDA is performing well on ‘Concepts for FAIR implementation’, ‘Skills for FAIR’, and ‘Investment in FAIR’; there is work in progress on ‘FAIR culture’, and work to start up on ‘FAIR ecosystem’ and especially on ‘Incentives and metrics for FAIR data and services’. Next, an analysis on the FAIR components, reveals that CESSDA has accomplished the ‘F’, is working on the ‘A’ – considering the sensitivity and security requirements of social data, just started on ‘I’, and that there is lack of clarity on what should be in ‘R’. On Findability, the CESSDA Data Catalogue is explained, showing the building blocks that need to be in place before one can produce a catalogue. The article ends with a forward look on CESSDA’s deployment on the FAIR principles.
Keywords: Social data, Distributed infrastructure, FAIR Action Plan, Data catalogue
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R. Dekker. Social data: CESSDA best practices. Data Intelligence 2(2020), 220–229. doi: 10.1162/dint_a_00044
Ron Dekker
Ron Dekker is the director of CESSDA ERIC, the Consortium of Social Science Data Archives, withits main office in Bergen, Norway. CESSDA is a European Infrastructure with 20 members (countries)and combines the work and expertise of these countries’ social science data service providers, On behalf of CESSDA, he is also the coordinator of the Social Sciences &Humanities Open Cloud project (SSHOC). He is a member of the European Open Science CloudExecutive Board and serves in several strategic advisory boards. Ron studied econometrics andworked for ten years in labour market research at Dutch universities. He was at the nationalresearch council for almost twenty years – running a data agency, program committees and ingeneral management (institutes, infrastructure and open science). This included secondment to theDutch government for project leadership on Open Science of the Dutch EU Presidency in 2016and as national expert at the European Commission in Brussels in 2017.
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